Mira is a film project documenting one families struggle with cataracts and their amazing journey to restore their sight. 


In this film 3 children receive surgery to remove cataracts they have had since birth but since they have lived with their condition for so long recovery of their vision is uncertain. This doesn't stop their mom and dad from traveling any distance to give their children a fighting chance at a better life. 

In the third world cataracts can be a debilitating condition that keeps people out of school, out of work, and in a cycle of poverty due to blindness. Since the children cannot see they are unable to attend school. Their dad who also went blind as a child, makes a meager living for the family by weaving beautiful baskets out of corn stocks.

We recieved unprecedented access by the medical staff and the family caught in a situation all too common in the developing world. We travel with the family from their home and right into the operating room itself. Will the surgery be successful? Will the children be able to lead a normal life?  Can two loving parents break the cycle of poverty for their children? What would you do to give your kids a fighting chance?

We have already traveled to Guatemala and filmed the majority Mira. With most of the film captured we now have to finish the film. The funds that we raise in this campaign will go directly to hire musicians, editors, translators and post production necessary to premiere the film in the Spring of 2019. 

Additionally we will be traveling back to Guatemala in November of 2018 to film the final piece of the story. Beyond that it is our goal to help this family as much as we can. Which is why we are taking $5000 of the funds raised and building the family their own home. Because the Dad is also blind he is unable to work a regular job which means they live in a dirt floored, one room hut. We would like to change that and providing them with a home of their own is the first step.

While we have shot the majority of the film we still have a long way to go. Your donations will help insure that we can tell the story that we set out to tell. Thank you, in advance, for your support.